Our Service Portfolio

ServicePeriod of PregnancyDescription Average duration of ScanThroughput time for Patient (time between entering and exiting the clinic)
A. Fetal Scans
1. Viability Scan Less than 11 weeksIndicated in most high-risk situations
To ascertain location, number and viability of the embryo
15min60 min
2. First Trimester Screening 11 weeks – 13 weeks 6 days (Crown rump length 45 – 84 mm)This is a major fetal examination: a detailed structural examination and measurement of nuchal translucency40 min; delay if fetal position is unfavorable90 min
3. Early Pregnancy Anomaly Scan (EPAS)16 – 18 weeksDetailed evaluation of the fetal structures: Usually indicated in high risk situations or when FTS was missed40 min90 min
4. Systematic detailed Target Scan19 – 23 weeks Fetal Size, Fetal Activity, Fetal Anatomy, Fetal Environment, and Cervical Assessment40-50 min; delay if suboptimal position or poor penetration of ultrasound waves90 min if no abnormalities detected
5. Fetal Echocardiography16 – 24 weeks Detailed segmental study of the fetal heart: Done along with EPAS or Target Scan, additional 15 minAlong with the main scan
6. Growth SurveillanceDecided by the clinical circumstanceFetal wellbeing assessment: Liquor, activity, Size, blood flow assessment25 min depending on fetal condition90 min
7. Prenatal Surveillance of Twins (Monochorionic and Dichorionic protocols)For monochorionic, starting at 16 weeks – every 2 weeks
For Dichorionic, starting at 20 weeks – every 4 weeks
Twins have unique set of challenges and need a different level of surveillance60 min90 min