At The Fetal Clinic, our vision is to bring high-standard clinical care affordable to the masses. Accordingly, we have priced our treatment fees. Even so, having worked in a government hospital for over a decade, I know there are hundreds of women that cannot afford even these moderated treatment fees.

In order not to deny quality care to these women and their fetuses, we have a charity program that provides the full range of consultations at a fraction of the assigned treatment fees. This fraction is arrived after working out the maintenance cost of the facility and equipment and deducting the professional fee of the consultant doctors and the support staff.

If you too feel that pregnant women and the unborn baby should not be denied state of the art treatment because of financial constraints you can help us in many ways. Contact our clinic to learn more on how you can help us deliver world class care to the poor.

The following categories of patients are eligible for a discount. Please inform us before the secretary hands over the treatment fees token.

  1. Armed Forces Personnel
  2. Paramilitary Personnel
  3. Farmers