Our Service Portfolio

ServicePeriod of PregnancyDescription Average duration of ScanThroughput time for Patient (time between entering and exiting the clinic)
B. Down Syndrome Screening
1. First trimester combined screening test11weeks – 13 weeks 6 days [CRL 45 – 84 mm]Assesses the chance of baby having Down syndrome in your particular case;
Offered to all eligible pregnancies
In addition to the first trimester screening scan, blood will be drawnReport from Lab indicating the chance of Down Syndrome takes about 7 working days
2. Quadruple screening test16 – 21 weeks [BPD 32 – 54mm]Offered to women who missed the FTS Before drawing blood, fetal head size will be noted.
5-10 min
Lab will report in about 7 working days
3. Non-invasive screening by fetal DNA10 weeks – 18 weeksA highly sensitive screenig test using baby’s DNA that is found in mother’s blood. Pretest counseling is mandatoryBlood draw.
A detailed EPAS or Target scan as per gestation is mandatory
14 working days