In general, when a high-quality target scan is normal, the chance of major issues with the baby is low during pregnancy. However, the baby continues to grow and develop for the next 20 weeks or so inside the womb and needs to be monitored.

When the mother’s condition is normal and regular visits with the obstetrician remains normal, then a single growth scan is indicated at around 34 weeks of pregnancy. This is the time when the baby starts to grow very fast and the demand on the placenta is enormous. In most cases, the placenta meets the demand and the baby continues to grow well acquiring 30 – 40 grams weight per day. In a small proportion, however, the placental function may not match the baby’s demand and this needs to be identified early to avoid catastrophe.

Very rarely, a late occuring defect may also be picked up at the growth scan: this would help the couple to reconciliate and prepare for the treatment that may be required after birth.

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